Donor Funded Scholarships

NWHSU and our Donor Partners are committed to helping you make your education affordable with Donor Funded Scholarships.

NWHSU will evaluate all applicants for eligibility as determined by their application and essay responses, based on scholarships available for each start term. Below is a list of our generous Donor scholarships.

Scholarship Scholarship Donor Information
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine General Scholarship The ACM general scholarship fund was created by ACM Alumni to support the NWHSU students as they learn to be practitioners in the acupuncture and Chinese Medicine programs. It is open to all incoming and current students in the acupuncture and Chinese Medicine programs.
Bubel Ronald. R. Bubel, DC, was a well-known and much-loved Doctor of Chiropractic in South Dakota, as well as a long-time supporter of the College of Chiropractic. Dr. Bubel served in every elected position of the South Dakota Chiropractic Association. He was elected Secretary-Treasurer in 1978 and served in this position until 1999. Dr. Bubel also served many years on the University Board of Trustees. The scholarship is funded through the Dr. Ronald R. Bubel Memorial Fund, established in 2004 by the South Dakota Chiropractic Association to honor the memory of this incredible man and colleague. This scholarship was established to assist a deserving student from South Dakota.
Chiropractor’s Association of Saskatchewan Scholarship The Chiropractors’ Association of Saskatchewan is pleased to provide a scholarship opportunity for Saskatchewan students enrolled in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Northwestern Health Sciences University.
Douglas Scholarship Awarded to current female T4 – T10 chiropractic students.
Dr. Alfred D. & Ann Traina Scholarship Established by the College of Chiropractic Alumni Association in honor of Alfred D. Traina, DC, the president of NWHSU from 2001 to 2006 and his wife, Ann. Dr. Traina is recognized for his unselfish devotion to the University and natural health care.
Dr. David Dehen Scholarship Dr. David Dehen was a graduate of the class of 1961. After receiving his chiropractic degree, he and his wife Helen moved to Mankato in 1965 where David began practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic. David served his community in a number of leadership roles including mayor of North Mankato and a Nicollet County Commissioner. The Dr. David Dehen Scholarship fund honors him as it supports students in the chiropractic profession at NWHSU.
Dr. Edward L. Wallick Memorial Scholarship Established by the University Board of Trustees in recognition of Edward L. Wallick, DC, for his dedication and service to the profession and to the College of Chiropractic.
Dr. John B. Wolfe Scholarship Established to honor John B. Wolfe, DC, who founded Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1941 and served as president for 42 years.
Dr. Link Larson Veteran’s Scholarship Dr. Link Larson seeks to support current and former veterans of the U.S. military by providing an annual gift to NWHSU’s Veterans Scholarship Fund. This gift is made in honor of his father, Eugene Gordon Larson, who served as a navy pilot during World War II. I give you the “Gordy” award.
Dr. Norman Horns Faculty Legacy Scholarship The Dr. Norman Horns Faculty Legacy Scholarship was raised to honor Dr. Horns dedication to the student body and his free, extracurricular review courses designed to help students pass their National Board exams. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist students at Northwestern while at the same time honor all the professors the students have come to love and respect.
Dr. Paul Shimizu Scholarship The Dr. Paul Shimizu Memorial Scholarship Fund is created to help Northwestern Health Sciences University recruit and retain qualified students for a degree in chiropractic medicine from NWHSU. It is the preference of the Shimizu Family that this Scholarship be awarded to Asian American students who are interested in studying chiropractic at NWHSU.
Dr. Paul Shimizu, a 1947 graduate of NWHSU, led an extraordinary life. When WWII broke out, Dr. Paul volunteered for the U.S. Army and was later awarded both the Bronze Star and the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service. When he returned after the war, he started and maintained a successful chiropractic practice in Minneapolis and later in St. Louis Park where he eventually stopped practicing at age 77, claiming the longest running chiropractic practice in Minnesota. He passed away on August 20, 2023 at age 103.
Dr. Stacy Neal Chiropractic Alumni Association Scholarship Dr. Stacy Neal ’22 received her bachelor of science degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology from Metropolitan State University in Denver, CO, in 1995. She earned her master of science degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology from the University of Colorado at Denver, in 2003. She worked briefly as a Denver Firefighter/EMT, a forensic pathologist assistant, and a medicolegal death investigator in Colorado before becoming a special agent with the United States Federal Government. Unfortunately, Dr. Stacy was injured on the job and was medically retired after 11 years of federal service. She knew that she wanted to continue to help her community but needed to recover from her injuries first. Chiropractic made that all possible. Due to her own success with chiropractic treatment, Dr. Stacy enrolled in the College of Chiropractic program at Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) in Bloomington, Minnesota, and graduated in April 2022.
Dr. Wei Wei Xia Endowed PBPH Scholarship The Dr. Wei Wei Xia Post Baccalaureate Premedical Scholarship is created to help Northwestern Health Sciences University pre-med students with applications and to defray costs associated with applying to medical school.
Erchonia Scholarship Erchonia, based in Melbourne, FLA, was founded in 1996 as a small family business and has grown into a world leader in the field of low light laser technology for the health care profession, including chiropractors. It’s the first company in the world to get its low-light laser approved by the Federal Drug Administration. Erchonia has had a strong relationship with Northwestern Health Sciences University for decades.
Gail Sawyer Scholarship Gail Sawyer was the beloved wife of Russell E. Sawyer, Jr., DC, a 1982 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic. She was also the recording secretary of the American Chiropractic Association. An endowed fund was established in her memory from many memorial gifts.
NWHSU General Scholarship Fund The NWHSU General Scholarship Fund was established to support incoming and current students regardless of specific programs at NWHSU.
Greg Adler Memorial Scholarship Established by Ed and Kay Adler as a memorial to their son, Greg Adler. Greg was a beloved patient at the Courage Center who loved acupuncture and all its benefits.
Healy Family Memorial Scholarship Jack Healy, PhD, was a university professor in cultural geography for more than 35 years. Betty Healy, RN, worked in public health for nearly 40 years. Both were products of single-parent households and each believed in the value of education and the importance of preventative health care. Students who demonstrate financial need and single parents are eligible for this scholarship.
Dr. Tony Hintgen Scholarship Dr. Anthony “Tony” Hintgen Memorial Scholarship was created to help NWHSU students seeking a degree in Chiropractic Medicine, and honors his fervent passion for the Chiropractic profession. Dr. Tony was a well-know South Dakota Doctor of Chiropractic medicine who dedication to his patients was evident up to the day he passed away in June 2021. Eligible recipients are from South Dakota, or a midwestern state.
J David Mitchell Endowed Scholarship Dr. Mitchell was a well known Chiropractor for over 60 years, helping patients from all across northern Minnesota and also having served as the President of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association.  Dr. Mitchel is a graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences.
John F. Allenburg Established by the College of Chiropractic Alumni Association Board in honor of John F. Allenburg, DC, President of Northwestern Health Sciences University from 1992-2001. Dr. Allenburg gave nearly 40 years of his life in service to Northwestern and the chiropractic profession.
Joseph Durda Foundation The Joseph Durda Foundation was founded in 1989 by a war hero, entrepreneur and humanitarian. The primary purpose of the JDF is to carry on the many charitable causes that were important to Joseph Durda, past Chairman of Aeration Industries International, Inc., and his wife, Dody Monahan Durda including scholarships for veterans.
Marty Family Scholarship Dr. Susan Marty Eldrige, a 1979 graduate of NWHSU’s College of Chiropractic, stated that she can’t imagine a career as satisfying to her as Chiropractic and wants to help current students find the same joy and satisfaction in the field.
Massage Therapy General Scholarship The Massage Therapy general scholarship fund was created by Massage Therapy Alumni to support the NWHSU students as they learn to be practitioners in the Massage Therapy programs. It is open to all incoming and current students in the Massage Therapy programs.
Money Tree Billing The Money Tree Billing wants to give back to the Chiropractic profession. This scholarship is offered for students enrolled in the NWHSU Chiropractic program.
NBCE (National Board of Chiropractic Education) The NBCE is pleased to offer scholarships to NWHSU Chiropractic students. Awarded to eligible chiropractic T4 – T10 students.
NutriDyn Scholarship The NutriDyn Scholarship is made in honor of the company’s founders, brothers David and Greg Peterson.  David started the business out of his parent’s garage in 1973, and soon after, his brother Greg became part owner and sales manager. As a pioneer in the industry, we believe we have a responsibility to educate others, and this scholarship is a way for us to give back to the school and benefit chiropractic students.  In addition, it carries on the legacy and story of our parents, who built NutriDyn into the leader it is today.”
Rayus Radiology In 2008, Rayus Radiology funded the construction of a technology-enhanced instructional lab on NWHSU’s campus that has become an invaluable academic resource for both students and faculty.  Since it was founded in 1981 by Kenneth Heithoff, MD, Rayus Radiology has grown to become a national network of 50 imaging centers nationwide. The radiologists of Rayus Radiology respect and work closely with the chiropractic profession and are nationally recognized for their expertise in spine, neurological, musculoskeletal, body, and cardiac imaging.
Saeed Mian PBPH scholarship The Saeed Mian Scholarship fund is dedicated to support Post-Bac Pre-Health students for application assistance to professional programs.
Standard Process Chiropractic Scholarship The recipient must show excellence demonstrated by outstanding, initiative, impact of work, and community involvement. By recognizing excellence, this award will motivate others to be involved in service to their communities, Northwestern and the profession of natural health care.  $5000 scholarship award.
Standard Process Scholarship Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Scholarship The recipient must show excellence demonstrated by outstanding, initiative, impact of work, and community involvement. By recognizing excellence, this award will motivate others to be involved in service to their communities, Northwestern and the profession of natural health care. $2500 scholarship award.
Stewards of Chiropractic This scholarship was established by Chiropractic Alumni to support incoming or current students in the chiropractic program regardless of year in the program. It is open to all chiropractic students.
Sweere Academic Scholars Award

Established through the generosity of Harry and Janice Sweere, the brother and sister-in-law of retired Northwestern professor Joseph Sweere, DC. The Sweere Family Scholarship Fund represents an endowment gift of $1,000,000 by Harry and Janice Sweere, the founders of Ergotron, Inc. – an internationally recognized company that designs and markets ergonomic computer mounting solutions.

The scholarship is awarded automatically based on having one of the highest-grade point averages of all chiropractic students. There is no application procedure.

Vincent Pankratz The Vincent Pankratz Scholarship fund was established by the family and friends of Vincent A. Pankrantz, DC, a 1949 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic.
Walser Foundation Walser’s mission is to increase access to high-quality education and career-training programs in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro and Wichita, KS communities. Walser commits 5 percent of all pre-tax earnings to the Walser Foundation, which funds hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and sponsorships annually for our local communities. From pre-kindergarten to post-secondary, every education program we sponsor is focused on creating a brighter future for all children. We believe every person should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and access to quality education makes this possible.
Whitney Family Endowed Scholarship This named endowment from Desiree and Joseph Whitney was created to help NWHSU recruit and retain qualified students from diverse backgrounds, with a preference for Native American applicants. Desiree Whitney, an NWHSU board member, personally understands the importance of this endowment. “I’m Native American and I’m interested in promoting education in diverse communities. If it wasn’t for grants and scholarships, I don’t think I would have gone to college.” “We are grateful to the Whitney Family Foundation for this important and generous gift to our professions and our students,” said NWHSU President and CEO Dr. Deb Bushway, “and to Desiree and Joseph Whitney for their continued advocacy for the importance of NWHSU’s mission.”