Relocation Assistance for Out-of-State Relocation

This financial assistance is offered to incoming chiropractic students to assist with out-of-state relocation expenses, within the U.S. or internationally. It is available to students who are registered to attend the:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic program

Awards available

  • One-time award up to $1,000 (based on receipts submitted with application)
  • Awarded on a first-come, first-awarded basis as funds are limited

Eligibility requirements

  • Incoming student who is registered to attend the Doctor of Chiropractic program
  • Start date must be within 30 days of application
    *If you are an incoming Summer 2022 student and do not plan to relocate until the Fall 2022 term, the application deadline will be the first day of the Fall 2022 term.
  • Application must be submitted by day one of new student orientation

Eligible expenses

Expenses must be documented with a receipt:

  • Cost of airfare (coach)
  • Moving van rental
  • Gasoline
  • Lodging
  • Housing deposit

Submission of false or misleading information invalidates the applicant’s eligibility for this financial assistance and may be grounds for corrective action including, but not limited to, rescindment of admission.

Financial assistance limit

Students are not eligible to receive a combination of scholarships/assistance and/or tuition remission benefits totaling more than 100% of the cost of their tuition.

Application procedure

  1. Please have your receipts ready to upload with your online application
  2. Submit a Relocation Assistance application (below) by day one of the new student orientation
    *For Summer 2021 students who do not plan to relocate until the Fall 2021 term, the application needs to be submitted by the first day of the Fall 2021 term.

Application deadline

The final deadline for submitting a scholarship application is day one of new student orientation. Applying early is highly recommended as funds are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-awarded basis.

Your application will be reviewed during the first two weeks of class.

Notification and receipt

Keep in mind that limited funds are available. You will be notified once all applications have been approved. Your reimbursement check will be available no sooner than the first day of classes.

Upon receipt of a relocation assistance award, an adjustment may be made to your financial aid package to meet federal regulations and institutional policies.

Relocation Assistance Application

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please have your receipts ready to upload with your online application. Be sure to allow APPROXIMATELY 10-15 MINUTES to fully complete this form in one sitting, or you will lose your information. You cannot save the application once you begin.