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Printing from University computers

All printing in the library and computer lab is now being tracked via PaperCut Web Print. Each student is given a $25.00 quota at the beginning of each trimester. If you go over your quota, you will still be able to print, but you may be charged later for any amount in excess of the $25.00. Printing costs $.05 per page with a 50% discount for double-sided printing. This equates to an allotment of 500 single-sided or 1000 double-side pages per trimester.

When sending a job to the printer, you will see a pop-up window asking for your name and password. Once you enter that successfully, your print job will be released to the printer.

Checking your balance

To check your printing balance, go to the PaperCut portal (on-campus only) at After logging in, you can view your balance, a summary of your printing activity, and a list of recent print jobs.

Printing from personal laptops

With the PaperCut printing system, you can print directly from your laptop to a printer in the library or computer lab:

  • Login to the PaperCut portal:
  • Click on Web Print on the left menu, then click Submit a Job
  • On the next page, select one of the three printers in the Library or Computer Lab and click on Print Options and Account Selection
  • Select the number of copies and click the Upload Document button
  • Click the Browse button and select the document on your laptop that you'd like to print
  • Click Upload & Complete

Currently, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files are supported by PaperCut Web Print.

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