Be Well: It’s Cool to Work Out in the Cold

MSP Mag | November 08, 2018

Minneapolis.St.Paul Magazine discusses the pros and cons of exercising in the cold with an active care clinician at NWHSU.

While we spend the winter months begrudgingly barreling forward on machines that imitate the outdoors, there are people in your neighborhood who lace up their shoes, grab for their hats, and dutifully venture out for a run, snow or shine. Are these (seemingly) weather-proof humans actually unicorns? Do they know something we don’t? Is it OK to be hoofing it on the slippery, slick grounds, anyway? Yes, yes, and … well, yes, somewhat, says Matt Thronson, faculty clinician at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Here, he lays out the pros and cons to trading the treadmill for real terrain, and your action plan for when you grow tired of running in place.

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