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Dr. Michele Renee featured in Parade Magazine discussing migraine relief
Struggling with a throbbing headache? Our Director of Integrative Care, Dr. Michele Renee’s favorite pain relieving trick is to put your hands and feet in hot water. Find out more expert backed tips in Parade Magazine. There Are Few Things... Read More ›
NWHSU expert featured in Martha Stewart Living
How to Handle Any Headache By Laura Beil at Martha Stewart Living The list of headache triggers reads like a long, bewildering journal entry. You can get one from drinking too much coffee (or skipping your usual cup), having a... Read More ›
Be Well: Pinpointing the Pain with Trigger Point Therapy
A massage therapist from Northwestern Health Sciences University explains where those mystery knots really come from, and how reprogramming the body’s muscle memory helps to relieve them.
NWHSU Expert featured in SheKnows Self-Care Routines
Real Self-Care Routines That Migraine Sufferers Swear By The pain, the sensitivity, the nausea. Nothing hurts more than a wallop of a migraine. After an attack, all migraine sufferers want to do is get back to a place of normalcy... Read More ›
NWHSU’s Dr. Michele Maiers awarded research funding from NCMIC Foundation
Congratulations to the Wolfe-Harris Center for Clinical Research faculty member, Michele Maiers, DC, MPH, PhD, for being awarded funding from the NCMIC Foundation! This funding will support the study, Active Aging for Spine Health: Development of a Novel e-Health Intervention for Older... Read More ›
Be Well: Natural Remedies to Stay Healthy this Winter
Stifle the Sniffles There’s more than one needle that can help protect against the seasonal sniffles. Bolster your immune system against the common cold by starting acupuncture appointments two to three months before the sneezin’ season begins, says Meghan Mabe,... Read More ›
The Long-Term Care Workplace: Why Natural Care Should Be an Employee Benefit
By Chad Henriksen at Annals of Long-Term Care Until recently, long-term care (LTC) workers have not been the headliner of the health care transformation movement. But now, at the forefront of a global pandemic and deemed essential to helping the... Read More ›
Be Well: How One Twin Cities Clinic is Trying to Crack the Code of Complex Pain
With a team of chiropractors, acupuncturists, and functional neurologists, the Sweere Clinic—Northwestern Health Sciences University’s multidisciplinary holistic healing center—is answering patients’ last-ditch calls for relief.
Fraser Adds NWHSU Alum to Board Chair
Fraser Adds New Board Chair and Four New Members Fraser has added a new Board Chair and four new board members. The nonprofit helps Minnesota families navigate the path of autism, mental health and special needs at every stage of... Read More ›
NWHSU Alum’s Excelsior Holistic Wellness Clinic featured in LakeMinnetonka Mag
For finding a balance between yin and yang in your life, the health of the body (physically and mentally) revolves around its interactions with the surrounding environment. As a means of balancing your body’s energy (known as qi), Chinese medicine... Read More ›