Be Well: 5 Reasons to Try the Twin Cities’ Premier Natural Health Clinic in 2020
NWHSU Bloomington Clinic is backed by one of the Midwest\'s leading natural health sciences universities.
Olympic Marathon Trials Bound NWHSU Student Andrea Toppin: Iowa Profile
Mile posts: Marathon Trials Q&A with former Ventura High, Iowa State runner Andrea Toppin Original article by Lance Bergeson at the Des Moines Register Andrea Toppin never dreamed she would be a marathoner. The former Ventura High School star excelled at... Read More ›
Be Well: Why You Should Take a Magnesium Supplement
The mineral is an essential element in more than 300 functions in the human body—but who’s counting?—explains a naturopathic doctor at Northwestern Health Sciences University Bloomington Clinic.
NWHSU completes first term with new programs, students
NWHSU stepped forward to help dozens affected by Argosy closing.
Be Well: Natural Care for Moms and Babies
Treating for Two. A rising number of women are embracing integrative therapies to find balance, relief, and healing for themselves and babies.
NWHSU Alum David Elton Helps Establish Chiropractic Care as the First Intervention for Back Pain
Between 1906 and 1975, tens of thousands of chiropractors were thrown in jail for simply practicing natural medicine. (1) Today, chiropractic care not only is recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human services and licensed in all 50... Read More ›
NWHSU thanks Anita Manne for her contributions as professor and radiologist
The Northwestern Health Sciences University community thanked and bid farewell to Dr. Anita Manne earlier this month. Dr. Manne retired from her position as Professor and Department of Diagnostic Imaging Chair at NWHSU. Reflecting on her time spent at the... Read More ›
NWHSU names two to Board of Trustees
Lauber and Whitney bring experience in finance, nonprofits and health to university.
Be Well: What’s So Fascinating About Fascia?
A Twin Cities expert shares everything you need to know about that mysterious connective tissue everyone\'s talking about.
Modern compression therapy is a great option for patients waiting to see the DC, or to utilize post-adjustment
Compression therapy as in-office adjunct care.