Coordinated Care in Health Systems
It’s Time to Make it the Norm Chronic pain is a massive problem in the United States, affecting one in five adults. Given the scale, treating chronic pain effectively should be a top priority for health systems. However, most systems... Read More ›
Drs. Fier and Lawrenz-Smith Receive CAAHP Grant to Support New Course Development
Dr. Fier and Dr. Lawrenz-Smith received a CAAHP grant to support their new course, Application Pathways- a course for pre-MD/DO students.   The course will serve to guide students through the medical school preparation and admission process. The goal is to... Read More ›
Dr. Renee Opens Well Connected “Reimagining Routine” Event
This January, Well Connected Twin Cities hosted “Reimagining Routine,” an event bringing together diverse health practitioners and health seekers to bring a refreshing change as we come into 2023.   NWHSU faculty member and director of integrative care Dr. Michele Renee... Read More ›
Great River Symposium: What Is the Future of the Acupuncture Field?
What is one of the greatest outcomes of a conference or learning event? It can make you feel inspired for the future. You and your patients both benefit when you return to work refreshed and motivated. Our virtual 2023 Great... Read More ›
What You Need to Know About Pelvic Floor Problems
What You Need to Know About Pelvic Floor Problems Approximately one in four women will experience a pelvic floor disorder at some point in their life. However, many people are not finding the care they need, often believing the symptoms... Read More ›
Recover Faster with Active Care and Physiotherapy
Recover Faster with Active Care and Physiotherapy When it comes to chiropractic care, many only think of the adjustment. While that is a key component, there is much more to it. Chiropractors focus on whole-body wellness and often incorporate muscle... Read More ›
Great River Symposium: Ask the Acupuncture Expert
Ask the Acupuncture Expert at our virtual 2023 Great River Symposium and Spring Gathering March 30-April 1. The event brings together leaders and learners in the field of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Our speaker group includes an impressive list of scholars,... Read More ›
Acupuncture and Pregnancy-Related Low Back and Pelvic Pain
A new metanalysis published by the BMJ (British Medical Journal) concluded that “acupuncture significantly improved pain, functional status and quality of life in women with LBPP [Low Back or Pelvic Pain] during the pregnancy.”   Researchers looked at pain, functional status,... Read More ›
Pirog Contributes to Unprecedented WHO Terminology Report
John Pirog, MSOM, DiplAc, DiplCH, LAc, worked with a team of scholars from around the world to develop the WHO international standard terminologies on traditional Chinese medicine. "I was part of a team of scholars spread across the globe, each... Read More ›
Maiers Presents on Integrative Healthcare Providers and Public Health Crises
As part of their 150th anniversary celebration, the American Public Health Association (APHA) hosted a virtual webinar on the role of integrative, complementary and traditional health providers in public health crises. Michele Maiers, DC, PhD, MPH spoke on a panel... Read More ›