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Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have made the decision to mitigate potential risks to our campus community. Click here for all the latest information.

NWHSU’s Dr. Renee’s Tips for Supporting Immunity
Tips for supporting Immunity By Dick Benson at Alternative Medicine As we enter the winter months immunity support is even more critical to reduce the impact of being infected by COVID-19. On top of the stress from the new normal... Read More ›
4 Surprising Benefits of Encouraging Your Family to Unplug
4 Surprising Benefits of Encouraging Your Family to Unplug By NWHSU's Dr. Anne Spicer at Thrive Global Many Americans have found comfort and safety by staying inside their home during the pandemic. But for many, staying home includes the day-to-night... Read More ›
NWHSU’s Michele Maiers named interim President of WFC
The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) Board of Directors announced that Dr Vivian Kil, of the Netherlands, has stepped down from the office of President of the World Federation of Chiropractic. In a letter to the Board, she cited a... Read More ›
Be Well: A Guide to Avoiding Falls, Twists, and Tweaks
From icy sidewalks to shoveling overload, it\'s the season for injury in Minnesota. A local specialist covers prevention, recovery, and when to see a doctor.
WorkSiteRight on a Proactive Healthcare Approach to Manufacturing
A Proactive Healthcare Approach to Manufacturing By Chad Henriksen at EHS Today An employer’s approach to healthcare benefits remains ever-changing as competition for skilled and dedicated workers is tight. Many question what employee health and wellness in the manufacturing industry... Read More ›
Finding Genius Podcast on 3D Movement Analysis with Biomechanics Lab
Digitizing the Body for 3D Movement Analysis By Richard Jacobs at Finding Genius Podcast Twelve infrared cameras lining the perimeter of the ceiling, treadmills equipped with force plates, and high-speed video cameras: this is what you’d find upon walking into... Read More ›
Be Well: East Meets West at the Hospital
From Mpls.St.Paul Magazine With lives at stake, doctors have long been conservative about changing Western medicine—but patients are persuading them to integrate Eastern medicine into their care plans. It has been a decades-long journey of discovery for many clinicians. “Medicine... Read More ›
Integrative Practitioner podcast discusses NWHSU latest policy statement
Integrative Practitioner discusses racial inequalities in integrative care with NWHSU.
Be Well: The Lowdown on Food Allergies and Intolerances
A local naturopathic doctor explains what triggers digestive discomforts and how to live with your sensitivities.
ChiroEconomics features NWHSU’s paper on racial inequalities in health care
Northwestern Health Sciences University releases paper on racial inequalities in health care By Staff at Chiropractic Economics Systemic biases and racial inequalities in health care continue a complex legacy of racism in the United States Following the spark of social... Read More ›