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Biomechanics / Human Performance

3-D Gait Analysis

The Sweere Center Biomechanics and Human Performance Assessment Laboratory is offering the first 3-D Gait Analysis system in the Twin Cities.

As a runner, you'll benefit from knowing both the kinematics (joint angles) and kinetics (forces and moments) of your gait in three dimensions which can reveal subtle but significant issues in a your running gait.

This knowledge can help you:
  • Modify your form to improve performance
  • Reduce the chance of injury
  • Help heal injuries

We welcome everyone at all levels of athletic ability.

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Our Services

We offer a full range of customized services for employers to improve the health and safety of their employees.

Our experienced team offers:
  • Goal setting
  • Needs assessment and loss source analysis
  • Prevention and wellness services, including:
    • On-site health care
    • Educational and motivational seminars
    • Ergonomic intervention and training
    • Employee wellness coaching
    • And much more!

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