Kerri Casey

alumnus kerri casey

I really liked the integration of the Eastern classes with the Western classes.

About Kerri Casey’s practice

Minnesota Community Acupuncture
5500 Lincoln Dr., Ste 100
Edina, MN  55435
Phone: 952-746-3478

Kerri Casey had experimented with homeopathic remedies for several years before attending Northwestern. While working in finance, she found herself ready for a career change and decided to pursue natural health care. “I felt that moving from my interest in homeopathic medicine to acupuncture and Oriental medicine was a natural progression.”

Kerri attended Preparatory Day on campus and says she loved the instructors who demonstrated the various modalities. “During one of the demonstrations, one of the prospective students became quite ill. I was impressed with how the two Chinese instructors in the room responded quickly and effectively using acupuncture and tui na.”

She says Northwestern seemed solid and organized and she soon enrolled in the College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. “I really liked the integration of the Eastern classes with the Western classes and how I was taught to tie the two modalities together. I also loved the practical learning and lab classes, the clinic internships and the ability to study in the cadaver lab.”

As a student, Kerri says she enjoyed the hands-on opportunities. “I loved learning how to take symptoms, make a diagnosis, determine a treatment plan and treat the patient in an efficient amount of time.”

Kerri wants prospective Northwestern students to know that the program demands a lot from them but that they’ll also receive a lot of support. “Students need to be self-motivated because it’s a rigorous program, but they will be well supported by MCAOM faculty and staff. Students are given a lot of guidance and instruction.”

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