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Dr. Cody Hanish: Making the Most of Social Media

I think a lot of chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists shy away from social media, but for me it’s been a huge asset, and a ton of fun. I wanted to share some tips, whether you’re just starting your practice, or have tons of experience but have avoided social media and are ready to dive in.  

#1: Define Your Purpose 

Honestly, I started getting serious about social media after seeing a post by a chiropractor with bad technique. I learned technique from Dr. Tom Bergman at NWHSU. If there’s anything I pride myself on, it’s sound technique, because I literally learned from the best. So, that day I decided I would post a video to show people what a really good diversified adjustment looks like. Today, my purpose is still exactly the same: I’m trying to show the world good, sound, chiropractic care.   

You’re going to be more successful on social media if your intentions are solid, and you take pride in what you’re showing.  

#2: Be Consistent 

My partner is an interior designer with a large social media following, so I asked “how do you just post pictures of chairs and have 40,000 followers?” He told me “you have to be consistent.”  

So I started posting every day, but then he looked at the page and said “do you notice how everything looks kind of jumbled?” The lighting wasn’t consistent or nice, so I changed that. Now, if you look at my page, it’s cohesive. The set-ups are similar, I invested in a microphone and a ring light, people can see a video and know it’s mine.  

#3 Be Nice  

You won’t agree with what everyone else in your profession posts on social media. Don’t bad mouth them, even privately. It looks bad not only for you, but for the profession. Pay attention to what your peers are doing, share their content, uplift your peers! Ask for advice and give advice: social media is all about connecting with people and sharing, and that’s all it should be.  

#4 Have Fun  

Part of why I’ve been successful is because my videos give people the opportunity to experience how much fun I’m having at work. I love having patients in, I love helping them, I love laughing with them and sharing this experience with them. 

Cody Hanish, DC, CCWP ‘09 owns and works out of Combined Clinics Australia in Sydney. He has over 300k followers on Instagram and 2.8 million on TikTok. He has established an endowed scholarship for NWHSU students.