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Chiropractic Homecoming Symposium: Keynote Dr. Anthony Lisi

Dr. Anthony Lisi is the keynote speaker at the 2024 Chiropractic Homecoming Symposium. Get a sneak peek to what the award winning academic, chiropractor, and humanitarian will say on February 1 .

Chiropractic, Human Performance Center
Rehab for Soft Tissue Injuries: How a Chiropractor Could Help

So, you tore your ACL. Or maybe you strained your hamstring or sprained your ankle. You’ve done the RICE method—rest, ice, compress, elevate—and maybe you’ve had imaging (or even surgery) done. Now, you just want to get better as fast… Read More ›

Chiropractor Career Path: Dr. Knowlton-Key

Hear about our graduate’s success as an athletic chiropractor — and how NWHSU’s Chiropractic School gave him the tools to achieve his ambitions.

Chiropractic Community-Based Internship: Real-World Experience

[caption id="attachment_27102" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Kelsey Lloyd, DC, at her clinic where she hosts NWHSU interns[/caption] NWHSU’s rigorous chiropractic school curriculum prepares you to excel in the field, but real-world practice is a critical complement to the classroom. Our renowned community-based… Read More ›

Chiropractic Careers: Supporting Women Athletes

Jasmine Hanson, DC didn’t set out to be a sports chiropractor, but she built a thriving sports-focused career. She is a partner in her private practice, Pure Health Chiropractic, and is the first woman to be hired as a chiropractor… Read More ›

Maiers Delivers Keynote at WFC Biennial Congress

Michele Maiers, DC, PhD, MPH, delivered the keynote address at the 17th World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) Biennial Congress. The congress, held in Queensland this October, highlighted patient-centered, inter-professional and collaborative care.  Patients as Drivers of Healthcare  Dr. Maiers opened… Read More ›

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Team Players: NWHSU Alumni Supporting Athletes

When you think of sports practice, what comes to mind? NWHSU alumni are supporting athletes in creative and exciting ways. From sideline care to functional mobility training, our alumni help athletes—in the broadest sense—train, compete, recover, and just live full,… Read More ›

Chiropractic Schooling Faculty Spotlight—Dr. Scott Oswald

Get inside information on chiropractic schooling, internships, sports chiropractic, and what it is like to run your own practice from NWHSU faculty member, Dr. Scott Oswald.

Chiropractic Careers: A Creative Practice in Sports and Mobility

Taylor Peterson, DC  built a creative chiropractic sports practice: brings his love for sports and functional movement into his work in Rochester, MN  If you’re considering chiropractic school, you are probably wondering what your future career might look like. The… Read More ›

Dr. H: How to Build a Successful Sports Practice

Alum Column by Hirad Najaf Bagy, DC (Dr. H) How to Build a Successful Sports Practice. The start of my career might sound familiar: I worked with local running groups and high schools, basically, any sports-related work I could get… Read More ›