Be Well: 5 Water Basics You May Not Know (But Should)

Photo via MSP Mag

Water is so essential to our survival that we can live for only a few days without it. That’s because 60 percent of adult bodies—including our cells, brains, and hearts—are made of water. Behind the scenes, our bodies are regularly working to maintain proper levels of water to maximize all of our physiological functions and overall health.

This delicate balance, called hydration, is a dynamic state. We’re constantly losing water from perspiration, metabolism, urination, digestion, and more. Water also gets cast in starring roles like acting as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord, lubricating joints, keeping skin supple, and helping deliver oxygen throughout the body.

That’s why it’s key to replenish what we’re using or risk dehydration, says Amy Mueller Anderson, a massage therapist and structural integrationist at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington.

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