Be Well: 5 Reasons to Try the Twin Cities’ Premier Natural Health Clinic in 2020

NWHSU Bloomington Clinic

NWHSU’s Bloomington Clinic

Stacy Boone-Vikingson, DC, CACCP, MBA and Clinical Lead at Northwestern Health Sciences University’s Bloomington Clinic, is quick to point out that lining up a chiropractic adjustment or acupuncture treatment doesn’t automatically mean it’s time to abandon your MD. In fact, working with all forms of medicine is what the clinic strives for in providing what it calls “whole health care for the community.”

“We want to be a team with other practices—that’s why it’s called complementary medicine,” she says. Here, five reasons to check it out in the new year.

Reason #1: The Doctor Will See You (And Your Whole Family) Now
The waiting area welcomes you with picture windows to the right—natural light pours into the far reaches of the spa-like space—and a glass-encased room with toy bins and a colorful child-sized exam table in the shape of a fish. It’s not unusual to see a kiddo stretched out on the table, receiving care by a practitioner as they scribble away in a coloring book. Treating not just the whole person but that person’s whole family, Boone-Vikingson says, is the overall aim of the all-ages clinic. It’s the collective staff’s mission to educate the family on treatments—not just symptoms—from a preventative standpoint. “Our goal here is always longevity: meeting everyone’s needs where they’re at, no matter the conditions they have,” she says.

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