Be Well: Craniosacral Therapy. Staying Ahead of the Heachache.

Craniosacral TherapyConsider yourself one of the lucky ones if you tend to view a headache as just that: a head that episodically aches. A once-in-a-blue-moon phenomena. But for those who suffer from chronic head pain, where there’s an ache–as one unwittingly learns–there’s a name for it. From the “tight band” tension variety to the one-sided cluster pain and the supercharged migraine.

And yet, despite these differences, a sufferer’s toolbox commonly consists of pain relievers, an emergency supply of caffeine, a cold pack, hot compress, an escape route to a dark, quiet room, and the occasional trip to the chiro or massage clinic. But have you thought to ask a practitioner to channel all their hands-on energy into your actual head?

Craniosacral therapy, shortened to CST, is a “gentle, hands-on method that facilitates the body to self-heal by removing restrictions within the craniosacral system,” says Amy Mueller Anderson, BCTMB, BCSI, massage therapist at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

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