Be Well: How Hormonal Changes Affect Gut Health, and What You Can Do About It

Hormonal changes can cause bloat.Here’s a question for you ladies of a certain age…. Have you noticed, as you traverse your 40s, that foods you used to enjoy are now causing intestinal bloating?

If so, welcome to the #ladybloat club, a hashtag a hilarious friend of mine coined, since all of our lady lunch conversations inevitably circle around to the dreaded perimenopausal bloat.

I work with coaching and meal plan clients to improve their gut health by preparing and eating real food at home. I myself have been on this #ladybloat journey, investigating the causes of my bloating and finding solutions to bring myself back into balance.

For me, it was a combination of eliminating processed foods and sugar, drinking less alcohol, discovering and then avoiding foods that I’m sensitive to by conducting an elimination diet (gluten, coconut, caffeine, and almonds are my top offenders), getting more and better sleep, working with a health care practitioner to treat a gut infection, and finding effective probiotics.

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