Get Strong this Summer in the HPC

News Get Strong This Summer In The HPC

Three New Specialized Group Strength and Conditioning Classes

Just in time to get strong this summer! The Human Performance Center (HPC) is rolling out three new specialized group strength and conditioning classes. No matter your goals, it’s time to train like a pro.

Whether you find the gym intimidating or it feels like your second home, the HPC has a program for you this summer. We’re known for working with high-performance athletes—from teams like the MN Vixen and the MN Chapter of NFL Alumni. However, we’re now offering classes and one-on-one training to all.

All our trainers are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS). That means you’re getting the same level of expertise that D1 Universities require for their teams. Our programs offer well-rounded training that includes mobility, agility, general cardiovascular, plyometric, power, and strength exercises.

Does this sound exciting? You can RSVP (requested) or just show up! Find the details below for each program, and we’ll see you there.

Get Strong This Summer In The HPC

1. Women’s Strength and Conditioning

This drop-in class will help you gain strength, knowledge, and confidence in the gym. It’s built specifically to be a welcoming community for women who want to get strong.

Time: Monday and Wednesday, 5-6 pm, May 1-August 9, 2023

Price: $15 per class (first week or two sessions free)

2. Fundamentals of Lifting

This drop-in class is built for beginners, or anyone who wants to learn the proper mechanics and technique of compounds lifts.

Time: Monday and Wednesday, 5-6 pm, May 1-August 9, 2023

Price: $15 per class (first week or two sessions free)

3. Performance Enhancement

An 8-week program for experienced lifters who want an advanced approach to reach their goals. Prior lifting experience is a prerequisite.

Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 5-6:30 pm, 8 weeks beginning June 5

Price: $120 for 8-week program (16 sessions, $7.50/session)

Ready to Reach Your Goals?

We hope to see you this summer! If you have questions about the programs, ask when you RSVP or email Melissa Macdonald, DC, ICSC, CCSP, EMT, FAKTR.

Looking for something more personalized? We also offer one-on-one training. This is a great option for high school athletes, folks coming back from an injury, or people who want a bit more support than you can get in a group setting. We’ll work with you to set goals, and then coach you through the process to make sure you reach them. Plus, you’ll get a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle, so you can get the most out of your training. Learn more about one-on-one training on our website.

Submit the RSVP Form Below and Join us in the HPC this Summer