Great River Symposium: What Is the Future of the Acupuncture Field?

Great River Symposium - the future of acupunture

What is one of the greatest outcomes of a conference or learning event? It can make you feel inspired for the future. You and your patients both benefit when you return to work refreshed and motivated. Our virtual 2023 Great River Symposium is March 30-April 1. We will explore the future of the acupuncture field and how your work can advance healthcare. The career field is primed for growth. So we asked a few of our speakers: how do you see the acupuncture and Chinese medicine career field growing?

Sabine Wilms, PhD

I would love to see the potent messages of traditional Chinese medicine in so many specializations, from reproductive medicine and pediatrics to public health, veterinary care, and medical ethics, being brought more effectively into the dominant biomedical discourse. Our medicine has so much more to offer to practitioners and patients in any medical context than most Chinese medicine practitioners realize. Harmonizing heaven and earth… what could possibly matter more at this particular moment in time?

Jenny Neiters, LAc, DACM

As someone working with athletes, I see that every athlete could use more support for recovery and performance.  Chinese Medicine can address sleep, digestion, injuries, mobility, muscle activation, mental clarity, and more.  We have many valuable tools in our toolbox as acupuncturists to treat the whole person.

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John Pirog, MSOM, DiplAc, DiplCH

The CDC’s new guidelines on pain management state that nonopioid therapies, including acupuncture, are “at least as effective as opioids” for many common types of acute pain, and should be “preferred for subacute and chronic pain.” This places acupuncture as a potential first-line therapy in the minds of physicians, hospitals and clinics.

Randine Anderson Lewis. PhD, LAc

When I started practicing Chinese medicine, most patients sought help only after everything else conventional medicine had to offer them had failed. Today America is getting sicker, and the modern healthcare system is failing to meet its needs, as more people are looking to alternatives. 

Imagine Chinese medicine stepping in as a primary, stand alone system, where Western medicine is utilized only where it can outperform Chinese medicine – primarily during catastrophic accidents and necessary life saving surgeries. Imagine people taking care of themselves with diet, exercises, acupuncture and herbs; only utilizing pharmaceuticals when everything else fails.

We have been provided a crucial opportunity to educate our profession and our patients. This is why I am so passionate about teaching to raise the caliber of our practitioners to meet this opportune crisis.

Engage with these speakers (and several others) and hundreds of other acupuncture and Chinese medicine professionals at the virtual 2023 Great River Symposium and Spring Gathering.

Find positivity for the future of the acupuncture field. Join us at our virtual 2023 Great River Symposium and Spring Gathering: March 30-April 1, 2023.

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