Leaning into their Strengths in Thunder Bay

There’s nothing like a shared background in kinesiology to bring a couple together. Maybe that’s not a classic story anywhere else, but at NWHSU it makes sense, and it’s exactly what happened with Amanda Johnson, DC ‘17 and Lucas Migliazza, DC ‘17.  

They used their backgrounds to open Kineticare, a chiropractic and soft tissue therapy clinic in Dr. Migliazza’s hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Kineticare is located within a physical therapy clinic with a fully functioning gym for active rehab. “It makes for a fun, multidisciplinary setting where we can co-manage patients with other professionals,” explained Dr. Johnson.  

Drs. Johnson and Migliazza may have similar backgrounds, but they’ve each specialized to lean into their individual skills.  

Dr. Johnson focuses on family practice, treating “anyone from newborn babies all the way to the family furbaby.” She took an animal chiropractic course after graduation, and it has been a big part of her practice. She’s one of the only equine chiropractors in the Thunder Bay area, and one of two canine chiropractors. 

Dr. Migliazza works with athletes and performance patients. He is certified in blood flow restriction therapy, multiple soft tissue techniques, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment. He specializes in golfers and trained with Titleist Performance Institute to earn the Level 3 Medical certification.  

What is it like working with your spouse? “We get this question all the time,” laughed Dr. Johnson. “To be honest, we usually are so on the go during the day we barely see each other. But since day one, we have enjoyed working together and would not change a thing.”