NutriDyn Establishes Major Scholarship at NWHSU

Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU), an integrative, health sciences university in Bloomington, MN, announced the creation of significant endowed scholarship by NutriDyn, based in Maple Plain, MN, a world leader in nutritional supplements.

NutriDyn founders Greg and David Peterson

NutriDyn founders Greg and David Peterson

The scholarship – the NutriDyn Scholarship – is made in honor and remembrance of the company’s founders, brothers David and Greg Peterson.  David started the business out of his parent’s garage in 1973, and soon after, his brother Greg became part owner and sales manager.  Greg, who was also the face of NutriDyn, passed last June after battling lymphoma.

“NWHSU has been a friend and partner with us for more than 30 years,” said Nico Peterson, co-owner, company vice president, and son of David.  “As a pioneer in the industry, we believe we have a responsibility to educate others, and this scholarship is a way for us to give back to the school and benefit students.  In addition, it carries on the legacy and story of our parents, who built NutriDyn into the leader it is today.”

Nico Peterson, President Bushway, and David Peterson

“NutriDyn and the Peterson family have been valued partners of NWHSU for decades, and we are grateful for this generous investment in future healthcare leaders,”” commented Dr. Deb Bushway, president of NWHSU. “This scholarship is a meaningful way to honor the co-founders’ legacy, and it will keep on giving year-after-year.”

NWHSU is committed to helping students succeed in school and their careers; scholarships play a vital role in making this possible for students.  Scholarships help relieve financial stress and demonstrate that there is a community of alumni, friends and companies, like NutriDyn, who believe our students will be leaders in the future of integrative, whole-person care.

The NutriDyn Scholarship endowment will be funded through a commitment of $100,000; the first award will be made in fall 2023.