NWHSU Health Coaching Curriculum Approved by the NBHWC

Northwestern Health Sciences University is proud to share that our Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching Curriculum is now an approved Health and Wellness Coach Training Education Program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).  

This health coaching curriculum is embedded in both of NWHSU’s online Master of Health Science programs: Functional and Integrative Nutrition, and Integrative Care. Graduates of these programs who complete the required classes are eligible to apply for the HWC Certifying Examination to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). 

“Health Coaching is a growing career opportunity, and we’re thrilled to offer this option to our students,” said Christina Meyer-Jax, Functional and Integrative Nutrition Program Chair.  

Health coaches partner with clients to help them reach their health goals. Training includes behavior change theories, motivational strategies, and health education and promotion theories. They work in many settings, including alongside physicians and health professionals in a clinical setting, or in digital health, community-based programs, or as entrepreneurs.  

“At NWHSU, we firmly believe that the future of healthcare is integrative and person-centered,” said Charlie Noel, Integrative Care Program Chair and Executive Director of Integrative Care. “Health coaches play a key role in that future, ensuring someone on the healthcare team partners with the patient and sees the whole picture.”