Whitney Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund Aims to Increase Diversity in Integrative Healthcare

Northwestern Health Sciences University is honored to announce the Whitney Family Foundation Scholarship. This named endowment was created to help NWHSU recruit and retain qualified students from diverse backgrounds, with a preference for Native American applicants. 

Generously, in addition to their $50,000 gift, the Whitneys have committed to giving an annual $2,000 gift to jump-start the scholarship until it is fully endowed. The first award will be granted in 2021. 

Desiree Whitney, an NWHSU board member, understands personally the importance of this endowment. “I’m Native American and I’m interested in promoting education in diverse communities. If it wasn’t for grants and scholarships, I don’t think I would have gone to college.” 

The impact of increasing the diversity of NWHSU students goes far beyond the individual scholarship recipients. “We live in a diverse community. I think of it from a role model perspective,” said Desiree. “If there are more role models out there, we can make these modalities accessible to all people. The practitioners reflect the fabric of community.”

To remain a leader in integrative care and transform healthcare, NWHSU must ensure that our programs are accessible to future leaders and changemakers who represent our diverse community. For that reason, our fundraising priority is to increase the number of named endowed scholarships, which can be funded with a one-time gift, multi-year pledge, or bequest commitment of at least $25,000.

“NWHSU needs to build an endowment to do more,” said Desiree. “It’s important for alumni and students to honor the university and support it so that NWHSU can stay on the forefront. The only way to do that is through alumni and friend support.” 

“We are grateful to the Whitney Family Foundation for this important and generous gift to our professions and our students,” said NWHSU President and CEO Dr. Deb Bushway, “and to Desiree and Joseph Whitney for their continued advocacy for the importance of NWHSU’s mission.” 

For information about creating an endowed scholarship at NWHSU, contact the Development Office at development@nwhealth.edu or 952-777-4943.