WorkSiteRight shares recommendations while working from home with KSTP

More people are heading back to work as the state continues its reopening process.

However, some employees are still working from home. Those who are dealing with difficulties related to that are not alone.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS spoke with WorkSiteRight’s Dr. Chad Henriksen who said neck and back pain are common right now. He recommends taking micro-breaks to stand or stretch for 15 seconds every 30 minutes. He also recommends moving from a sitting to standing position throughout the day.

“We know that a good recommendation for a standing work station is to get out your ironing board, and use your ironing board as a work surface and change that height throughout the day,” Dr. Chad Henriksen said. “We don’t want to be sitting or standing in the same position for anymore than 20 minutes at a time.”

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