Welcome to Moodle

Northwestern's Official Learning Management System 

With Moodle you can:

  • Take web-enhanced, hybrid or online courses
  • Experience learning activities, assessment, dialogue, collaboration and reflection which can take place during and after class
  • Work on special projects

Mozilla Firefox Web browser is recommended for full functionality - in both Windows and Macintosh. If you do not have Firefox, the free download is available at http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/personal.html

The URL for Moodle is http://moodle.nwhealth.edu (Note there is no “www” in the URL).

First-time users

If you have a Northwestern Groupwise email account, use these credentials to log into Moodle. For example, if your name is Moodle Student, enter mstudent in the Username field. Enter the same password as you use for your Groupwise email.

Here is an example:

To log in:


Change your password

For your first time using Moodle at Northwestern, you'll be prompted to change your initial password (123456).

  • Enter your current password (123456)
  • Enter new password
  • Re-enter new password
  • Click on Change password
  • Click on Continue

Getting to your Moodle course

Once your profile page appears click on the small moodle.


On Northwestern’s Moodle main page, locate the My Courses block on the left. The course(s) you have access to will be located there. Click directly on the course name to get to the course homepage.


The box will not appear if you do not have access to any Moodle course pages. If you should have access to Moodle course pages but do not see the My Courses box, or a course that you are enrolled in does not appear, or if you are having access issues, contact the Moodle Help Desk at moodle@nwhealth.edu or call the Help Desk at ext. 357.

Click on Moodle Technical Requirements in the Main Menu block for more information on other software you will need to use with Moodle.


For more information on Moodle

Once you're logged in, click on NWHSU Student Guide to Moodle course.

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