NWHSU’s WorkSiteRight offers career opportunities

Rob Karwath for NWHSU | July 03, 2018

New on-site health initiative attracts business interest, creating jobs, internships.

A new initiative that brings health education and treatment into the workplace has attracted strong demand from businesses across the country, creating job opportunities for chiropractic students at Northwestern Health Sciences University and other schools nationwide.

WorkSiteRight is an initiative developed by Northwestern to bring health education and clinical care through chiropractic, massage and other treatments directly to businesses concerned about employee health and health-care costs. At a time when U.S. health-care costs are soaring, new research by Northwestern shows companies that have opened WorkSiteRight clinics in their businesses have saved $8 for every $1 they have invested in the clinics, which focus on injury prevention, education and early treatment.

WorkSiteRight clinics can fit into nearly any type of business. But they have shown particular effectiveness with firms operating manufacturing, construction, assembly and warehouse operations. The research also indicates a strong likelihood of similar benefits to employers in all industries if they open on-site clinics and make them available to employees free during work hours.

Because the benefits of workplace clinics are so great, they offer potential chiropractic professionals and students preparing for careers in these fields, said WorkSiteRight Director Chad Henriksen. WorkSiteRight recently held a webinar for students at Northwestern and six other chiropractic colleges highlighting career opportunities for this growing field. Opportunities include internships for students as well as full- or part-time jobs for upcoming graduates and practicing professionals.

“Health care is a huge concern for employers, and many feel that costs are simply out of their control,” Henriksen said. “But with WorkSiteRight, we have developed a program with scientific backing and consistent results showing that employers not only can control health-care costs but they also can reduce them and enjoy the benefits of healthier, happier and more productive workers.”

He added: “For those of us practicing chiropractic and other health-care disciplines, this is exciting news. We can get involved directly in the shop, on the warehouse floor or at the office and make a difference for people. WorkSiteRight helps employees understand how to work safer and healthier. It also provides free health care at work, allowing practitioners to know our patients and address any issues before they become serious problems. This is what many of us wanted to do when we chose health care as a profession. Now, WorkSiteRight is providing career opportunities at nearly an endless supply of U.S. businesses.”

WorkSiteRight clinic visits typically last 10 to 15 minutes. The $8 in cost savings for every $1 invested has come through an 88 percent reduction in direct worker’s compensation costs, a 67 percent reduction in the average cost of health care and a 63 percent reduction in rates of sprain and strain injuries.

For more information about WorkSiteRight and job or internship opportunities through the program, please go to WorkSiteRight.com or contact Henriksen at chenriksen@nwhealth.edu or 952-888-4777, ext. 295.


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