The Activator Method, used at Sweere Clinic, is the world’s most popular instrument-adjusting technique. Above all, using the Activator V, your chiropractor can precisely make adjustments without discomfort.

This method is a research-based practice developed by Activator Methods International.

What Can the Activator Method Help?

It is often used to treat chronic or acute pain. Children, infants, and patients fearing adjustments often prefer these treatments. For example, they are gentle and do not cause any discomfort.

The Activator is safe to use on all areas of the body. This includes the feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, sacroiliac, spine, ribs, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, neck, head, and jaw.

This method can be used post-surgically when perhaps all the surgical goals were not accomplished. It can also be combined with physical therapy and will often speed up the healing process. It aligns the spine and/or extremities. After that, it works on balance, strengthening, and functioning of the muscles.

How Does this Method Work?

At Sweere Clinic, your chiropractor will use the Activator V for adjustments. This instrument is a cordless, electronic, patented chiropractic adjusting device registered by the FDA.

In conclusion, patients can expect no discomfort when being adjusted by the Activator V. Different than a normal chiropractic adjustment, the Activator V provides quick, electronic wave force of pressure with controlled settings based on the area of the body being adjusted.

The Activator Method at Sweere Clinic

Sweere Clinic offers the Activator Method as an option for chiropractic care. Most importantly, our Activator provider has extensive experience with patients from infants to the elderly.

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