What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a form of healthcare focused on the practice of preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions of the mind and body. It can often be a solution for those seeking a natural, less invasive, alternative method to healing. Your lifestyle, culture, upbringing, etc. greatly impact your health and naturopathic medicine can help tap into your body’s inherent wisdom and healing capabilities. Naturopathic medicine interventions such as herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle counseling, and energetic remedies help the body to enter the self-healing process, or the vis medicatrix naturae, “the healing power of nature.”

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How can Naturopathic Medicine Help?

Naturopathic Medicine can help improve your quality of life, especially in terms of your health and wellness. Whether you are overwhelmed, irritable, exhausted from wrestling with persistent stress or disempowerment there is hope and a path forward.

Our Naturopathic Medicine services address the root causes of physical and mental health ailments rather than merely suppressing symptoms.

I help Millennial and Gen. Z women regain their vitality, peace of mind, and overall health. In my role as a naturopathic doctor, I utilize the best modalities that naturopathic medicine has to offer, including lifestyle counseling, botanical medicine, and nutrition.”

  • Dr. Katherine Jones, Naturopathic Doctor and Mental Health Counselor at Sweere Clinic

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a collaborative form of healthcare between a counselor and the client. Professional counselors help clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems that cause emotional turmoil; seek to improve communication and coping skills; strengthen self-esteem; and promote behavior change and optimal mental health.

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How Can Counseling Help?

Counseling can help one deal with many personal topics in life such as anger, depression, anxiety, marriage and relationship challenges, parenting problems, school difficulties, career changes, and more.

Naturopathic Medicine & Counseling at the Sweere Clinic

You can find Dr. Katherine Jones at the NWHSU Sweere Clinic on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Get to know the Naturopathic Medicine & Counseling at Sweere Clinic and take the first step towards mental and physical wellness.

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