Would you like to incorporate movement and whole-body rehabilitation into your chiropractic practice? The Sports Emphasis will teach you the skills to care for professional athletes as well as the aging population—helping them stay moving and injury-free.

As part of your Doctor of Chiropractic degree at NWHSU, you can pursue our Sports Emphasis, expanding your practice beyond the table and incorporating whole-body movement into your patient care.

Why pursue sports chiropractic?

  • Work in a team environment: many students in the program are former or current athletes, and a Sports Emphasis brings the community of sports teams into their education and careers.
  • Gain skills to help all patients: while you may be motivated to work with professional or teen athletes, you will find that any patient you treat can benefit from the rehab and mobility skills you learn in the Sports Emphasis program.
  • Take your practice beyond the table: with a sports emphasis, you’ll do traditional adjustments, and you’ll work actively with patients, getting them moving, and maybe even pursuing exciting career opportunities on the sidelines of sporting events.