Paul Ratte

Paul Ratte
Assistant Professor
Master's in Clinical Nutrition
Assistant Professor
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Assistant Professor
College of Chiropractic

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Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

My primary interest is the role of macronutrients and hormones in the development of fatigue, obesity, digestive dysfunction and neurohormonal disorders. Of particular interest is the influence of fats and carbohydrates on energy production and storage, and the influence of insulin and cortisol on insulin resistance.

As current nutrition research evidence is conflicted as to the best diet to address obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease, I believe it is imperative to develop a patient-centered nutritional approach that accounts for the biochemical uniqueness of each patient. Moving beyond strict reliance on quantitative data, we must incorporate qualitative data to teach patients a self-selective approach to nutrition based upon habits generally recognized as helpful, rather than prescribing a clinical diet based only upon macronutrient restriction. My goal is to develop simple screening tools for use by patients to self-monitor their progress.

My clinical focus is the application of individually tailored lifestyle programs to address obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and autism spectrum disorder. These programs specifically address macronutrient balancing to improve insulin resistance, resiliency enhancement to decrease stress hormone production and physical activity to improve anabolic hormone production.


  • Doctor of Naturopathy - National College of Naturopathic Medicine, 1997
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