Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy (CHIP)

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Re-imagining the future of health care

The Center for Health Care Innovation and Policy (CHIP) was created in 2010 in response to the rapidly changing healthcare environment and a growing need to re-imagine the delivery of care for the benefit of the patients we serve.

As the primary health policy and advocacy division of the University, CHIP works closely with members of our faculty and administration – and policy-makers – to prepare Northwestern graduates for the new opportunities and responsibilities that are emerging as a result of healthcare reform.

Informing and influencing public policy

Changing public policy, perceptions, laws and guidelines related to health care takes cooperative and coordinated efforts. Northwestern is at the forefront of these advocacy efforts through the work of CHIP, which focuses on:

  • Creating and sharing new ideas on trends in the healthcare marketplace
  • Disseminating information to health professionals, policymakers, healthcare organizations and Northwestern’s campus community
  • Informing state and national legislation related to complementary and integrative health care
  • Developing innovative and strategic relationships with others in the healthcare community
  • Communicating health policy statements on behalf of the University
  • Representing the University at regional and national health policy forums
  • Participating in lobbying efforts at the State capitol and in Washington, D.C.
  • Hosting informational community forums on health care issues

The value we place on advocacy is deeply ingrained within our University – it is one of the key tenets of our mission. Yet our efforts extend far beyond the walls of our institution to benefit the public’s health and impact the future of our professions and our community.

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