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NWHSU Now Offers Doctor of Chiropractic Students an M.S. in Exercise Science Program

NWHSU has partnered with Concordia University-St. Paul to form an articulation agreement for Northwestern’s DC students


  • CSP=Concordia University-St. Paul
  • MSES=Master of Science in Exercise Science
  • NWHSU=Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • DCP=Doctor of Chiropractic Program

NWHSU and Concordia University-St. Paul have developed an articulation agreement allowing current students in the DCP with a bachelor’s degree to apply to attend CSP’s MS of Exercise Science program.

DCP students must demonstrate academic success and have completed all coursework through Trimester 5 in the DC program to be eligible to begin the MSES program. This means the earliest a DCP student could begin the MSES program is Trimester 6.

Applicants must meet all of Concordia University-St. Paul’s admissions requirements listed below to be accepted into the Master of Exercise Science program.

CSP’s Admission Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3.0 GPA* from undergraduate degree (not DCP coursework)
  • Application
  • Transcripts from NWHSU

*Please note: If you do not meet CSP’s admissions criteria you will be required to go to the Graduate Admissions Petition Committee. Students will be asked to provide additional documentation to prove they will be successful in the MSES program. For example, a student’s undergraduate GPA might be 2.7, yet they may be earning a 3.5 in the DCP curriculum. This additional documentation can prove to the committee that the student is a qualified candidate for the MSES program.

For more information and links to apply to the Master of Science in Exercise Science program at Concordia University-St. Paul visit here.