International Students - A.A.S. in Massage Therapy

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Application process

International students may apply for the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Massage Therapy - but are not eligible for the massage therapy certificate program only.

Step 1 – Complete the application

Follow the instructions on How to Apply.

Step 2 - Verify English competency

English speaking countries:

Submit an English Competency Evaluation Form (pdf) OR submit your birth certificate.

Non-English speaking countries and Quebec:

Complete a TOEFL® exam. TOEFL® results must be sent to Northwestern.

  • Paper exam score must be 540 or greater
  • Computer-based exam score must be 207 or greater
  • Internet exam score must be 76 or greater

We reserve the right to request proof of English proficiency of any applicant.

Step 3 - Proof of financial resources

Provide evidence of financial resources to complete a minimum of at least one year of education. Official bank statement indicating sufficient funds is required.

Proof of financial resources must be current within 9 months of your enrollment date.

Step 4 - International transcript evaluation

International transcripts need to be evaluated by World Education Services®. Official copies of the course-by-course evaluation must be forwarded directly to both Northwestern and the student.

To obtain a WES application:

Northwestern reserves the right to request a transcript review by an evaluation service for any courses completed outside of the United States.

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