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Shiloh Heesch Named Inaugural Foot Levelers Resident in the Human Performance Center

Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) is pleased to announce Shiloh Heesch, DC as the new Foot Levelers Resident in the Human Performance Center (HPC). For the last two years, Dr. Heesch has worked as a Sports Resident in the HPC mentoring students, providing sideline care, and presenting at conferences. He is also vice president of Foundation First Fitness Center. He has served as chiropractor for athletic teams including the Sioux Falls Leopards (women’s football), Sky Force (men’s basketball) and Minnesota Strike (ultimate frisbee).

“I’m excited to continue to strive towards my ultimate goal of becoming an expert in lower extremity injury, rehabilitation, and performance.” said Dr. Heesch. “There are so many pieces to the puzzle to provide the best care for our patients and not only will I be able to learn more about Foot Levelers custom stabilizing orthotics, but I’ll also be able to implement their usage in research for performance.”

In this new position, Dr. Heesch will help advance research, teaching, and awareness of critical custom orthotics in enhancing stability for the back, knees, hips, pelvis, and neck. The residency was made possible through funding from Foot Levelers in partnership with the university.

“Foot Levelers has been a valued partner with NWHSU for decades, and we share a goal of improving patient outcomes. I’m grateful they created this opportunity with a specific focus on research,” said Andy Klein, DC, Foot Levelers Chair in Biomechanics and Human Performance at NWHSU and director of the HPC. Dr. Klein’s endowed chair position was established by Foot Levelers in 2022.

He continued: “Dr. Heesch is ready to dive in and I’m excited to see what he will accomplish in this new position. He has proven skills in both research and advising students and brings with him a great enthusiasm for advancing the fields of both chiropractic and orthopedics.”

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Heesch as the inaugural Foot Levelers Resident, said Jamie Greenawalt, president of Foot Levelers. Throughout the interview process, he demonstrated strong expertise in sports clinical care and performance, along with a clear vision for success in this role. Aligning with Foot Levelers 72-year legacy of innovation, we look forward to seeing how he and future residents will advance the field, improve patient outcomes, and uphold our commitment to excellence. 

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