Withdrawal Policy

The University recognizes that a decision to withdraw for any reason, financial or personal, is a difficult one. It is advisable for a student to share thoughts about potential withdrawal with their academic program office and the Office of Student Affairs as early as possible so that the University may offer counsel on different alternatives and the student may derive maximum benefit under the University’s Federal Title IV and State of MN Funds Refund Policies.

Students may officially withdraw from the University by personally informing the Registrar in writing of their intentions. The Registrar is located in the Office of the Registrar, room 114. The date of withdrawal will be noted as the date on which the student notifies the Registrar.

If, at the time of withdrawal, the student’s payments for the trimester exceed the amount of liability, he or she will be entitled to a refund of the excess; if the student’s payments are less than the liability, the balance will be due and payable as of that date.

Students withdrawing from the University will be considered in good standing, unless the student failed to clear up any probation notation on their record or failed to pay a tuition and fees liability. Students in good standing may reenter the University upon application for readmission. Students not in good academic standing may be required to complete conditions imposed by the Academic Standards Committee. Students not in good financial standing are required to clear their financial obligations prior to readmission.

Unofficial Withdrawal

If the student does not officially withdraw from classes, and stops attending all classes, a pro-rated portion of the federal aid received, based on the documented last day of attendance, must be returned to the federal aid programs. If the University is unable to document the last day of attendance, it will use the midpoint of the trimester as the last day of attendance for Title IV refund purposes.