Prospective Radiation Therapy Student Shadowing Instructions

Applicants to the Radiation Therapy program at NWHSU are required to complete two four-hour rotations (8 hours total) at two different radiation oncology clinics.  Exceptions to the two-clinic rule may be made at certain locations. Applicants agree to adhere to our expectations for shadowing.

Radiation Oncology Shadowing Guide

It is your responsibility to reach out and set up a scheduled time to visit and shadow a radiation therapist.

Applicants in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area have two health organizations to complete their four-hour rotations through. Please contact the group administrator via email to request a list of available cancer centers and their contact information.

Applicants who are out of state or outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, please contact a local radiation oncology center and ask to speak to the radiation oncology manager. Tell them that you are a student being considered for a radiation therapy program and you are requesting to shadow a radiation therapist.

Job shadows are offered Monday – Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm. For requests, email the appropriate contact listed below.

Allina Health Cancer Institute -Radiation Oncology Please include both Kristina and Lindsey in your email

Minneapolis Radiation Oncology

To prepare for your shadowing experience, please review the Radiation Oncology Shadowing Guide that includes NWHSU’s expectations, helpful hints, and questions to ask the person you are shadowing.

When you arrive at your shadowing appointment, please share this link with the supervising therapist and ask them to complete it at the conclusion of your shadowing experience.

Please feel free to reach out to NWHSU’s Radiation Therapy program’s director, Jessica Donahue, B.S., R.T. (R) (T)(ARRT), for any additional questions at