Diversity and inclusion are part of everything we do

Our responsibility at NWHSU is to ensure that we have an inclusive, diverse, and safe environment for all members of the University community and communities we serve. This responsibility includes:

  • Curriculum development that addresses how we train health care providers for culturally competent healthcare delivery
  • University and program learning outcomes, which direct our awareness and sensitivity to the need for patient-centered healthcare practices
  • Training, programs and policies for professional development
  • Our diversity scholarship programs
  • Student-run clubs and organizations
  • Partnerships with schools, community service agencies and organizations committed to diversity work

Curriculum That Reflects a Diverse Community

We’ve developed curriculum to reflect our vibrant and diverse communities, and developed practices, programs and policies to support the cultural competency of our faculty and staff. We offer special scholarships, host cultural clubs, and engage in K-12 outreach in underserved and underrepresented communities.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program is accepting membership applications for the following committees: Curriculum, Student, Development, and Employee Development. Please Apply! Contact Kim Pearce, Vice President of Academic Affairs for more information.