Reporting Hotline

The University’s Reporting Hotline is a simple, confidential method for reporting suspected misconduct. The hotline is a vital tool to empower all members of our campus community and to promote trust, respect and pride in our University.

Our hotline is hosted by a secure, independent provider, EthicsPoint, and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your report is handled promptly and confidentially. You may choose to remain anonymous.

To Make a Report

Step 1 – Identify your concern

If you are aware of possible misconduct, unethical behavior or a violation of University policy, we strongly encourage you to make a report.

Review types of misconduct to report.

Step 2 – Contact your supervisor or Human Resources

In many situations, you may choose to follow existing reporting methods to discuss your concern. Contact your supervisor or Human Resources, especially in instances involving:

  • Title IX
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Whistleblowing

Review the University’s Policy and Procedure Manuals:

If you are not comfortable with contacting your supervisor or Human Resources directly or if you prefer to remain anonymous, see Step 3.

Step 3 – Use the Reporting Hotline

The Reporting Hotline is a confidential online or toll-free resource for reporting misconduct, unethical behavior, fraud or policy violations. All reports are handled promptly and discretely.

Our hotline is hosted by a secure, independent provider, EthicsPoint – so you can be assured that your report is handled confidentially. You may remain anonymous and the IP address of your PC cannot be traced.

Make a Report

For questions, contact:

Mary Gale, Vice President of Human Resources
952/800-888-4777 ext. 437

Our Commitment

Our University is committed to the highest standards of professional and personal ethics and integrity.

We are also committed to fostering an environment that encourages open, honest communication.

Our Values


Honesty, trust and integrity are essential qualities and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.


Self-awareness and humility are important strengths and we embody empathy and compassion.


Creativity, openness and risk-taking promote opportunities for growth.


Each person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and we value the diverse experiences and backgrounds that make our organization strong and vibrant.


We believe in excellence and professionalism and we take pride in providing the highest quality education, patient care and service.