Disability Services Resources for Faculty and Staff

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Accommodations for students

Northwestern provides or arranges reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities on an individualized basis. There can be more than one way to accommodate a situation or activity.

For an accommodation to be considered reasonable, it must meet four criteria:

  • Doesn’t compromise essential requirements of a course, program, job, activity, or facility
  • Doesn’t cause an undue administrative or financial hardship
  • Doesn’t compromise safety for anyone
  • Doesn’t fundamentally alter a course or program

Approved syllabus accommodations statement

Faculty are asked to include the following statement on all syllabi:

Northwestern Health Sciences University is committed to providing all students equal access to learning opportunities. The Office of Student Affairs provides or arranges reasonable accommodations. Students who receive accommodations are encouraged to contact the instructor early in the term. Students who have, or think they might have, a disability (e.g. psychiatric, attentional, learning, vision, hearing, physical, or systemic), can contact the Office of Student Affairs for a confidential discussion at 952-885-5405.

Disability services resources and forms: