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We help you find available financial resources to finance your education.

Apply for a line of credit

CIBC Professional Edge® Student Program

Borrow up to $275,000 to help cover tuition, books, school supplies and living costs for your academic program:
Professional Edge Student Loans

RBC Royal Bank

Student Loans

Apply for a Canadian or provincial student loan

National Student Loans Service Center

PO Box 4030
Mississauga, ON L5A 4M4
TTY: 888-815-4556


Student Aid Branch
800-204-1685 (in Canada and U.S.)
204-945-2313 (outside Manitoba)
TTY: 866-209-0696


Student Support Branch

877-OSAP-411 (toll free in North America)
877-672-7411 (toll free in North America)
807-343-7260 (students attending a post-secondary institution outside Ontario)
866-330-3331 (status of application, in Canada only)
TDD/TTY: 800-465-3958


Student Financial Assistance Branch
306-787-5620 (Regina area and outside Canada)
800-597-8278 (outside Regina area and within Canada)

Apply for institutional aid at Northwestern

Student help:

  • A campus-based work program that provides jobs for students
  • Work up to 20 hours per week
  • Jobs include positions in the library, cafeteria, fitness center, or as a faculty teaching assistant
  • Must apply for a social security card
  • Human Resources Department determines wages
  • All wages are subject to IRS tax rules and regulations

For questions please contact:

Aimee Hood, financial aid counselor
800-888-4777 ext. 408
Student Loan Assistance

Marla Warner, financial aid counselor
800-888-4777 ext. 440
Student Help and Scholarships

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