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Alum Story: Dr. Lee Grew Up with Holistic Medicine

Lillian Lee, DC ‘15 sees patients of all ages, from babies to the elderly. She specializes in pain—both acute and chronic — in her private practice, Elite Care Chiropractic 

Why? She saw a need. “I appreciate the chiropractic profession because there are so many ways you can specialize” she shared. “I chose to specialize in treating patients with chronic pain and acute injuries just because back pain is one of the leading conditions that causes people to be disabled. And it’s one of the most common reasons people seek chiropractic care.”  

To best support her chronic pain patients, Dr. Lillian creates custom treatment plans and utilizes acupuncture, soft tissue therapies, and other manual therapies as part of her appointments. With this approach, she supports patients with neck pain, back pain, chronic migraines, and more.  

Seeing patients from when they’re in so much pain and unable to do their daily activities, to seeing their bodies heal and them being able to go back to what they do daily, it makes me feel so proud of the profession that I chose.”  

Dr. Lillian spends more time with her patients than many healthcare professionals. Her schedule is busy, so much so that she doesn’t have the flexibility she imagined she’d have working for herself. But the trade-off is worth it: “I love being a chiropractor because of the relationships that I get to build with patients,” she shared. “I get excited to go to work every day because it doesn’t feel like work.”  

Dr. Lillian chose chiropractic because she knew she wanted to work in healthcare, and ultimately the idea of holistic medicine made sense to her. “I was raised by my grandparents who practiced traditional Hmong healing. I also grew up in my father’s chiropractic practice and saw firsthand the power of chiropractic,” she shared.  

“When I was sick, he would do acupuncture and my grandparents would gently massage my back with a coin or metal spoon.”

I grew up around using natural remedies, just like many other first and second generation Hmong families here in America.”

She associated with her father, Dr. Jer Lee ‘01, to start her career, and now they share office space.

The best compliment to Dr. Lillian is when a patient refers a loved one to her. When asked what keeps her coming back to work every day, she teared up. “Being able to help my patients feel like the better version of themselves is the most rewarding feeling ever.”

This story first appeared as part of “Touching Chronic Pain” in CONNECT: NWHSU’s Alumni & Friends Publication