Chiropractic Schooling Faculty Spotlight—Dr. Scott Oswald

Scott Oswald, DC Faculty Spotlight


Get inside info on chiropractic schooling, internships, sports chiropractic, private practice, and personal faculty attention

NWHSU Faculty Spotlight–Dr. Scott Oswald - chiropractic physician

Dr. Scott Oswald

Chiropractic Schooling, Chiropractic Physician, Sports Chiropractor, and Faculty Member

Interested in learning about chiropractic schooling, chiropractic internships, working with elite athletes, or operating a private practice? NWHSU’s Dr. Scott Oswald is the person to consult.

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Dr. Oswald is an accomplished chiropractic physician and associate professor at NWHSU. He has been a dedicated faculty member since 2014. Dr. Oswald wears a number of hats at NWHSU, including serving as chair of the Diagnosis & Clinical Sciences Department. As an adept Chiropractic School educator, Dr. Oswald is renowned for his course design, development, and delivery expertise. This ensures optimal learning experiences for NWHSU students.

Dr. Oswald’s chiropractic schooling included earning a doctor of chiropractic degree from NWHSU. Additionally, he has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: Athletic Training from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Oswald is licensed by the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners and holds numerous certifications. These include a McKenzie Institute MDT—A&B, Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified Instructor, and several soft tissue technique certifications.