The Canon Uniflow system provides secure release printing from multiple locations around campus.  You can even send a print job via email and pick it up at any one of a number of Follow-Me Print MFDs.

Printing at NWHSU

  • Networked printer/copiers(Multi-Funnction Devices – MFD) are located throughout campus
  • Note: all MFDs support printing, copying, and full color scanning to your NWHSU email account. Large print/copy jobs should be sent to the copy center to be charge to your cost center.
  • Faculty and Staff can print documents to the Follow-Me Print Queue using any NWHSU computers or from any personal device by emailing (instructions below)
  • The Follow-Me Print feature also allows you to print from any mobile devices and from personal computers.
  • No more accidental prints, and no one walking away with your print job.
  • The Follow-Me Print Queue is the default printer when using any NWHSU computer.

How to print: 2 ways…

When printing from your NWHSU computer, your default queue will be Follow-Me Print Queue.

  • You can then print your document from any Canon MFD located around campus.
  • The Follow-Me Queue allows you to print and save jobs. This allows you to retrieve print more copies if you need later
  • Your print job remains in the queue for 24 hours.

When you print from your personal laptop or any mobile device, you must send your documents from your NWHSU Email Account

  • Email Login:
  • Create a new email message
  • Attach the document(s) you want to print to the email
  • Send the email to
  • It will create print jobs for each attachment and the email itself. You can then select these document at the MFD/printer where you want to print.


  • Your email has a 50Mb limit.
  • Your print jobs will not be sent if your email exceeds 50mb.
  • The larger the file the longer it takes to show up in your queue.

Other Notes:

  • At the Follow-Me Print Queue Control Panel, you can modify your print job.
  • Your print jobs remains in the queue for 24 hours.
  • The printing defaults are set to double-side and black and white; you can change to single-sheet printing at the MFD.

Click here for Instructions on how to Print, Copy, and Scan‌