Training for a Marathon? You Should be Lifting
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Be Well: Wear and Tear or an Actual Trauma? A Runner’s Cheat Sheet to Pain
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Reis writes for Chiropractic Economics: Chiropractic and traumatic brain injuries
Integrative and individualized holistic health practices must be considered along with chiropractic and traumatic brain injury care for both TBIs and WADs Chiropractic and traumatic brain injuries: bringing value for TBI and concussion patients by Eric Reis for Chiropractic Economics... Read More ›
Exercise Is Medicine for the Brain
Wordle may be a step in the right direction, but did you know that physical fitness can also create new neurons and even restructure the shape of your brain? A local brain health professional breaks it all down. (Spoiler alert:... Read More ›
Patient Success Story: Dr. Reis Helps Concussion Patient Conquer College
Conquering College After Concussion by Amy Zellmer for The Brain Health Magazine, Re-Posted on the Good Man Project Looking at college freshman Rachel Mischel you wouldn’t know that she has struggled with lingering symptoms from multiple concussions suffered several years... Read More ›
Be Well: We All Have Trauma on the Brain
Living in chronic stress doesn’t just change your perspective; integrative health care providers say it physically alters the mind (and even your organ systems). By Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Stress can be a driving force for productivity—the edge we need to complete... Read More ›
From Bedridden to Half Marathon Training: TBI Success Story at Sweere Clinic
How one woman is thriving despite her Traumatic Brain Injury with the help of Dr. Erik Reis at the Sweere Clinic, and why she’s fighting to ensure other women can access this care.  Paula Walters is an impressive woman by... Read More ›
This coach wants you running at age 77 and beyond
Mile to Marathon Founder and Coach Ron Byland has helped runners achieve P.R.s for 35 years. The 3D Gait Analysis at the Sweere Clinic Biomechanics Lab gave him invaluable information about his running gait. Find out how the analysis can... Read More ›
Dr. DeNunzio Discusses Natural Approaches to Pain Management on KAAL
Betsy Singer of KAAL (ABC Rochester) interviewed Dr. Greg DeNunzio, clinical lead of Sweere Clinic, about natural approaches to pain management in light of the opioid crisis.
Be Well: Fitness in Your 40s and Beyond
Whether you’re training for that summer race or battling the new aches of daily life, there’s a lot you can do to stay on top of your game.