A special day will recognize Twin Cities veterans

Rob Karwath for NWHSU | November 08, 2018

The City of Bloomington, MN and NWHSU hold event to thank 235 service members and hear their stories for Veterans Day.

On Saturday, the day before our nation honors military veterans who have served our country, the City of Bloomington and Northwestern Health Sciences University will host a special and intimate day of thanks and celebration for 235 Twin Cities veterans.

“Each of these men and women has a story to tell about their service—what happened and, more importantly, why they stepped forward,” said Deb Bushway, interim president and CEO of NWHSU. “Their stories stay with them to this day. Many are humble and don’t share unless asked. But especially as we prepare to celebrate Veterans Day, all of us need to hear those stories as we thank them for their service.”

Amanda Crombie, community outreach coordinator for the City of Bloomington said: “Many of our older veterans don’t have as many opportunities now to get out and enjoy company and activities. This is our way of saying thank you, by offering a special day of activities to focus on them. We want to make sure they know we appreciate their service and their continued commitment to our country.”

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