Be Well: Can Acupuncture Really Help With Fertility?

MSP Mag | August 24, 2018

Northwestern Health Sciences University specialist explains how this Traditional Chinese Medicine technique can complement western medical treatments with Minneapolis, St. Paul Magazine’s Be Well.

From the first of many failed pregnancy tests, to miscarriages, and finally to seeking conception help via modern medicine, one thing remains true: the fertility journey is an emotional and physical roller coaster. What many don’t know until deep into their fertility journey, is that acupuncture may help.

Acupuncture brings balance to the body and promotes relaxation that’s so important for women and men seeking fertility help, says Barbara J. Gosse, an assistant professor in the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Program at Northwestern Health Sciences University. We spoke with Gosse to learn more about how acupuncture can promote success alongside western medical fertility treatments.

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