Be Well: Farmers’ Market Finds – choosing the most nutritious produce

MSP Mag | June 14, 2018

Northwestern Health Sciences University and MSP Magazine team up to give expert tips for finding and storing the summer’s produce bounty.

Dig out your shorts, grab a sunhat, hit the cash machine, and sling a few canvas totes over your shoulder—it’s officially farmers’ market season! As only Minnesotans can, we just gracefully whiplashed from piles of snow to hot, humid days and we are so ready to load up on the fresh fruits and vegetables that are celebrating the sun right along with us.

If you’re overwhelmed by the bounty, it’s OK. There’s a strategy to explore while perusing those piles of seasonal produce and it’s called: nutrient density. We might as well get the most bang for our buck, yes?

Professor Maria G. Boosalis, PhD, MPH, RDN, LD, College of Health and Wellness at Northwestern Health Sciences University, has a few easy tricks for choosing nutritious fruits and vegetables from the market. Read her suggestions in the newest Be Well edition from Minneapolis.St.Paul Magazine here.