Be Well: Wellness at Work

MSP Mag | July 25, 2018

Minneapolis.St.Paul Magazine’s Be Well examines how onsite health care like NWHSU’s WorkSiteRight initiative helps employees and saves companies money.

What company wouldn’t want to reduce workplace injuries and absenteeism, decrease workers’ compensation costs, and boost employees’ engagement and morale? Meeting these goals is essential as Minnesota employers struggle to recruit and retain people in this ever-tightening job market.

It turns out that offering employees health care and wellness services right at work is an effective way to accomplish all of these objectives, and then some. While many employers already provide onsite health and wellness education, many discover that such programs don’t necessary prompt lasting change.

A more effective model involves offering health care services right at the office. Employers have started partnering with providers to foster a culture of health and productivity with onsite clinics. There, caregivers offer services like medical or chiropractic treatment, education, and consulting, says Dr. Chad Henriksen, a chiropractor and director of the WorkSiteRight program at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington.

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