Be Well: How Employers Are Bringing the Doctor to You

There are few things more frustrating than taking precious paid time off only to sit in a waiting room, stand in line for a prescription, or listen to more than your fair share of tinny music while placed on hold.

But with health care leaders like Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU), it’s becoming easier to avoid those situations by addressing health concerns without ever having to leave the office. WorkSiteRight is a program through NWHSU that partners directly with employers to provide onsite health care options for employees. With a single onsite provider, companies are able to increase employee wellness and productivity.

Getting Well and Getting Ahead
“We all have busy lives,” says Chad Henriksen, Director of WorkSiteRight at NWHSU. “We don’t always address our health care concerns when we should because it’s not always easy and convenient to get in and see your provider. With our program, that access is much more available.”

With a more accessible provider, employees are often able to “get ahead” of potential health problems, leading to an overall preventative, and not reactive, approach to wellness. WorkSiteRight doesn’t just offer a band-aid solution for employee health, but its providers promote an ongoing healthy lifestyle, “often times  the onsite provider can provide motivation and encouragement for you to stay healthy.”

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