Bushway, Petrie Present at CERF Virtual Conference

The Chiropractic Educators Research Forum (CERF) is holding their virtual conference on June 24, 2023 titled “Keeping it Real: Practice-Relevant Education,” with the focus on practice-relevant skills, knowledge, and attitudes throughout education programs. 

CERF is an online forum where chiropractic educators can share their insights and gain information about new research or scholarship, with the goal of building related opportunities for educators throughout the world.  

The conference will feature NWHSU’s President and CEO Deb Bushway, PhD as the invited speaker and faculty member Chris Petrie, DC as a panelist and as a presenter. Dr. Petrie will display work in collaboration with Katie Burns Ryan, DC and Chris Smoley, DC.  

Dr. Bushway will address key questions for chiropractic education, including how education experience prepares future chiropractors for an evolving practice environment. She’ll also share insights into the most important educational outcomes for students and how chiropractic education can embrace technological advancements like AI or VR.  

Dr. Petrie shares, “I’ll be presenting on the system we developed for the Doctor of Chiropractic Program to collect, manage, analyze, and report on internship experience and competency data. The system provides real-time synchronization of data, robust dashboards for interns and other stakeholders, and automated alerting of remediation needs. The dashboards help students and the program use assessment data to individualize learning and drive curricular effectiveness.” 

Research abstracts will be published in The Journal of Chiropractic Education. You can register as a member to attend the conference for free under the “Engage” tab of CERF’s website. 

Story by Kit Harlow, Chiropractic Student