Dr. NajafBagy’s Understanding of Whole-Person Wellness Changed the Game in One Patient’s Fight Against COVID-19

Sports chiropractors understand the importance of community and teamwork for an athlete’s wellbeing, and that is often what draws people like NWHSU alumnus Hirad NajafBagy, DC to the field. In a time of global pandemic, that understanding proved to be vital.

“Giving back to my community has always been an important part of my life. Sports have always brought people together as a community, and during this unprecedented year of unease, it is critical that health professionals come together to support each other, our patients, and especially our community family,” said Dr. NajafBagy. 

Dr. NajafBagy has had the career many sports chiropractors dream of. He’s worked as the team chiropractor for major D.C. sports teams—including the Washington Nationals, Washington Football Team, D.C. United, and the Washington Capitals—as well as multiple soccer All-Star and World Cup games. Now, he has built a successful private practice, United Wellness & Sports Rehab, where he and his team work with individual athletes. 

This year, Dr. NajafBagy’s whole-person philosophy served him in a new way: treating a soccer coach battling COVID-19. He co-published a case report in the Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives about “the unconventional role sports medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons and team sports chiropractors have undertaken in the battle versus Covid-19, specifically consulting on the patient while creating an outreach program in the hopes of contributing to the patient’s sense of wellness.”

As patients continue to fight the Covid-19 virus and its complicated, long term effects, providers like Dr. NajafBagy—who see the whole picture and collaborate across disciplines—make all the difference and serve as a strong proof point for the importance of integrative care. 

In the words of Dr. NajafBagy, “assisting athletes, coaches and their families to navigate this disease is one example of why I am a sports chiropractor. My motivation was to try to be a part in helping our sports community heal and I am honored to be a part of helping to create wellness of body, mind, and spirit during this global crisis.”