Dr. Renee Opens Well Connected “Reimagining Routine” Event

Renee speaking at Reimagine Routine event

This January, Well Connected Twin Cities hosted “Reimagining Routine,” an event bringing together diverse health practitioners and health seekers to bring a refreshing change as we come into 2023.  

NWHSU faculty member and director of integrative care Dr. Michele Renee was the opening keynote speaker at the event, promoting the future of integrative health care, as well as the importance of self-care and community connection in relation to our well-being.  

She shared that we can all benefit from Reimagining Routine to include health creating habits, rather than health sabotaging habits. Routine care such as regular sleep, daily movement, mindfulness and regular visits to a trusted primary care provider are a few examples of ways we can care for ourselves this coming year. 

Chiropractic neurology, Ayurveda, light therapy, Chinese medicine and herbalism were just a few of the topics of conversation and hands-on experiences offered over the weekend event, with emphasis on how small, everyday changes in our daily routines can make a lasting impact on our health.  

Story by Kit Harlow, Chiropractic Student