Klein Shares Insights on ‘The Crackin’ Backs’

Dr. Klein working in the Human Performance Center

Dr. Klein working in the Human Performance Center here on campus

Dr. Andrew Klein, NWHSU’s Foot Levelers Chair in Biomechanics and Human Performance, was recently featured on the chiropractic wellness podcast The Crackin’ Backs hosted by Dr. Terry Weyman and Dr. Spencer Baron.  

The duo has 65+ years of sports chiropractic experience and give insight into their triumphs and failures with added cheekiness and plenty of stories to tell. Dr. Klein had a wealth of niche experiences to share as a former Minnesota Vikings team chiropractor, former chiropractor for the USA Olympic team, and a clinical educator of almost 20 years.  

Highlights of the episode included fascia research and densification, opinions on the term “functional movement,” Dr. Klein’s favorite exercises, and a plethora of clinical wisdom.  

Klein shared “I had a great time doing the podcast, Dr’s Weyman and Baron are two of the finest chiropractors in the country. We had a lot of fun together, though we seemed to get off track sometimes on topics such as disc golf.”  

Listen to the episode here

Story by Kit Harlow, Chiropractic Student