NWHSU Alum Dr. Megan Hejny finds new dream job

NWHSU | 2018-08-24

NWHSU Chiropratic Alum Dr. Megan Hejny finds new dream job at a family chiropractor located in Hudson, WI.

Growing up with a father as a chiropractor, being regularly adjusted as a kid, Dr. Megan Hejny of Croixview Family Chiropractic dreamed of being not a chiropractor, but an animal trainer.

She had her dream job for five years, training animals first in Chicago and then in Miami, when she realized it wasn’t the dream she’d imagined.

“I just found that I wasn’t very happy,” Hejny said.

She felt unfulfilled and wanted more. After a bad car accident, and seeing the care she received during recovery, she began to consider a career in healthcare.

“It must be so great to go to work and know you made people’s lives better,” she said. “I want to do that.”

As she was considering the possible options, her dad told her she should be a chiropractor. For Hejny, it was a lightbulb moment.

“Oh my gosh, I should be a chiropractor,” she said was her immediate response.

Though it still took time to leave the animal trainer dream behind, she enrolled in chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. She lived for a time with her sister in Hudson, and continued working at Pier 500 all through school.

“I really got to love Hudson in that time,” Hejny said.

Many people told her she would get along well with Dr. Jennifer Shupe, who runs Croixview at 113 Second St. When they finally met, she learned those people were right.

“It all just sort of worked out,” Hejny said.

Hejny joined the practice at the beginning of January, and is now seeing patients. She enjoys focusing on family care and wellness, especially helping pregnant women and infants. She is able to help make the infant feel better, and in doing so provides relief for mom.

“I get so much from working with babies,” Hejny said.

Her internships during school highlighted this family practice, and she has taken continued education courses on it.

“You never stop learning, which I think is important,” she said.

Hejny said she is excited to start working with clients.

“It’s a long time coming,” she said.

With this new dream job, Hejny knows she is helping make people’s lives better.

“I know that when someone comes in to see me, they’re going to leave being a more functioning person,” she said.

Her goal is that everybody has a chiropractor, even if it isn’t her.

“I want to make sure Hudson can be the healthiest they can be,” she said. “Create a happier and healthier Hudson.” View the original article here.